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The end of the promo copy: ‘This will further change the way people talk about those records. Traditionally reviewers weren’t just trying to communicate the pleasure of listening to something. They were also communicating the joy of possessing something. You can’t do that if you’re moored to your computer, listening to an incoming stream.’ Collectively listening to records is ‘a social event in the physical world in response to a physical object.’ / photography by CraigyT / vintage maternitywear, collated by Yarnish / new photography by Christopher Rudquist / flickr sets by Shane Lavalette / artwork by Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani / JD is the new FM, a tumblr.

Paris in 26 gigapixels: ‘We took advantage of the required retouching step to include few surprises in the picture so that you can also have fun searching for little details everywhere! There are 10: we let you discover them by yourself. What? Easter eggs? Yes man!’ Where’s Wally/Waldo for the digital generation / Spin Magazine Archive.

A collection of Artangel’s projects / Wooden Churches in Russia, photographs by Richard Davies / buy conceptual drawings from the ‘Contemplating the Void‘ show at the Guggenheim (via Metropolis) / we covet this wardrobe / ‘A Circus of Ideas: revisiting Archigram’s ideas for education and architecture in the information age’.

The Ferrari World roller coasters, part of the vast Ferrari World complex. Ferrari have always been pretty happy to slap their brand on practically anything yet still manage to retain an almost unimpeachable image. So why is an expansive brand extension that accommodates a rollercoasters, red laptops and babygros considered acceptable when Aston Martin’s dainty little Cygnet is soundly eviscerated every time it raises its diminutive head?

The old journalistic device of titling a piece with a question: Is OMA’s Chinese Masterpiece Pornographic? The answer is inevitably ‘no’, although archinect’s seven month-old story about the building-as-porn-star in Content is apparently trailed as a ‘smoking gun’ / the Toyota Simulator, rather malicious / Bring a Trailer, classic cars for sale.

Alan Thomas: Open Secrets: Photographs of Japan / all about Octavo, ‘a typographic magazine of intense seriousness and overt graphic sophistication’, founded by 8vo, via Cerysmatic Factory, ‘an unofficial blog, history and archive about Factory Records’ / Culturehall, ‘a curated online resource for contemporary art’ / this is the tumblr of Mike Nowak, art / Bill Turnr, tumbling about art and illustration / chris blogs.

Sorting through the sidebar as we strive to re-import the list that currently exists in the old weblog posts, there was a large number of dead weblogs. Some of which exist as archives – last post date in brackets: turquoise days (28 December 2006) / where (28 January 2010) / all about nothing (10 August 2008) / textism (10 September 2008) / music thing (7 January 2009) / speak up (13 April 2009) / overmorgen (15 April 2009) / pointingit (15 April 2006) / quiet feather (3 September 2008) / lightningfield (10 March 2007) / limited language (2006) / open brackets (2 November 2006) / bottom drawer (29 January 2008) / candyland (21 April 2009) / growabrain (22 January 2009) / NTK (27 January 2008).

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March 21, 2010 at 00:08

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  1. Ah, you’re back and looking as good as ever. All’s right with the (virtual) world…

    Andrew Pope

    March 21, 2010 at 18:28

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