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Forests and walled gardens

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There’s something profoundly unimpressive about the built-in wind turbines at the new Strata London tower. Admittedly, they’re actually real (unlike the faux turbine stylings of the abandoned Anara Tower in Dubai), and necessarily experimental, but even so the potential contribution of 8% of the building’s power (hardly ‘mainly powered by wind‘) is relatively limited compared to their visual impact / Iwamoto Scott’s new design for the lobby at One Kearny in San Francisco is not for trypophobics (a new phobia that is trying to enter common currency, buoyed by the internet) / the evolution of piggy banks / the mansion Steve Jobs will demolish / 50 guitars.


What it is about [Paul] Rudolph’s work that continues to make it so vulnerable to demolition?‘ / Minimalicious, blogging modest modern houses / a blog by Lea Zeltersman / Swiss Cheese and Bullets, a weblog / on restoring Lake Shore Drive / the Yugo, the ‘worst car in the world’? / another dead weblog (for now): B2A, helpfully archived / Dead cities: an expedition to California City, set out but never finished / The unmaking of Finland’s forests: ‘the road network built for forest harvesting [in Finland[ is the densest in the world… 1200 square kilometres of land is trapped under 125,000 kilometres of road.’ How a ‘forestry-industrial complex’ ravaged a nation.


Trapping content on the iPad won’t work, even if it’s pretty‘: the point being that by building apps for magazines, books, etc., the searchable, linkable nature of the internet will be steadily eroded. ‘Wired doesn’t want to allow simple links in ads or stories which would open up in the iPad web browser, since opening the browser means closing the Wired app’. The joys of single-tasking. Some are saying that this will simply protect the ‘user experience,’ implying that each and every media property on the device will strive for its own unique look and feel. Will there still be sites like Wired Reread (via), able to scoop up the detritus of forgotten print and squeeze out of the last drops of futuristic schadenfreude?


A set of 70s car chases: The Seven-Ups (1973), Pas de Probleme! (1975), Le Coup (1971) / the Idea of the Cassette, or its impact on contemporary cultural production. At Murketing / the Cathedral of Junk / we love Private Circulation / all things considered, a weblog / Orgone Research, things weird, wild and wonderful. Lots of Bigfoot fun.

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March 24, 2010 at 23:52

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