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Google’s Streetview has been hard at work, and large swathes of the British Isles have now been traversed, tracked, catalogued and uploaded. This empty sweep of Dartmoor exists online for no good reason other than as a place to stumble on, a fleeting record of a passing moment, an unrepeatable vista that might, perhaps, serve up data about flora, fauna and weather conditions to a future civilisation.


Five Foot Way, architecture in Asia / Photographs Do Not Bend, fine art photography / Last Plane to Jakarta, a weblog / inside the world of Curious George / another fine Markasaurus post: The Work of Art in the Age of Outsourced Reproduction / Nemesis Republic, architecture, design, urbanism, planning and poetry.


The stone spheres of Costa Rica. More here, including a clip from Arthur C.Clarke’s Mysterious World, a TV show that was the equivalent of internet ephemera for a pre-digital generation. Before the internet arrived to form the perfect delivery mechanism for mystical bluster, it was left to pulp paperbacksK (the 50s, 60s and 70s), hefty monographs (70s and 80s) and partwork magazines to provide a fix of ‘otherness’, made ‘real’ by the paucity of information and the scrappy, fragmentary way it was presented (grainy photographs (via A Different Perspective), sighting reports Xeroxed to spotty near-oblivion, etc.) Now there are myriad websites debating the pixel density of every grain, stretching the already tenuous evidence until it’s veil-thin and turning the whole mystery business into a rather tiresome diversion.


Fantastic Journal on the wonderful Godshill Model Village. More Isle of Wight at Markosaurus / TeenAngster, a visual weblog with a highly trained eye / Simons Work, more art and design / more UFO magazines at Found in my Attic / Tuetyi, a tumblr / Five Great Nightclub Bathrooms in Las Vegas.


Exhibition archives at Sir John Soane’s Museum / which nonetheless rather pale besides MoMA’s mighty Bauhaus interactive site / Dossier Magazine, seems hip / work – mostly play, a weblog / Running Dive is still filleting images from everywhere, some of them nsfw / thisplacement on As it is today, which we’re eagerly awaiting.


Regular readers will know that we know next to nothing about RSS, because we never use it ourselves. However, we now seem to have a couple of feeds, both of which do pretty much the same thing. Here’s the WordPress things RSS feed. And here’s the Feedpress things RSS feed. Apologies if the establishment of either of these has upset the apple carts of your RSS readers, or something.

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March 30, 2010 at 15:58

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  1. Professors Dr. Mark Hawthorne and Dr. Elizabeth Pass from James Madison University are interested in using your website for educational purposes. In their recent design workshops, they used your website as an example of how to design, style, and format websites. They would like to go a step further and create a website that references your website for students who are interested in this topic. May we have your permission to display your website for educational purpose?

    PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Thank you for your time.

    Dr. Pass
    Dr. Hawthorne
    Lindsay Deliman


    April 26, 2010 at 18:05

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